Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sushi, the new white meat?

Ok, I confess ... I have no idea what that title is suppose to mean.  Since I wanted to talk about my newest resin release "Sushi" it just kinda happened, hope it doesn't creep anyone out?  This last week I was down in Ohio at the Quarter Horse Congress, etc. and I think my brain is still in vacation mode, so please bear with me.

Well, most of you know that Sushi is my new sculpture created by the uber talented Brigitte Eberl
( that was introduced last month in what I called the September Sushirama Lottery.  I offered a different, newly created Sushi via lottery each odd numbered day throughout the month to members of my Yahoo Groups.  It was alot of fun and I was really pleased with how it all turned out.  Hard to believe it was wrapped up only 15 days ago, it seems like an eternity already ... time sure does have a way of flying, doesn't it?

The reason I am talking about Sushi today is that there are always questions surrounding new releases and this is a good way to get the word out and the facts "straight".  You know, straight from the horses mouth (and I always thought I was the other end on the horse to be honest!).  So although this maybe alot of repeating to many of you, it could be new news to others.  Skip this blog entry if it is boring old news for you, but if it isn't allow me to guide you along the Sushi trail.

As I said above, Sushi is an exclusive sculpture for me by Brigitte Eberl.  I commissioned her to do me a walking Arabian mare several years ago and Brigitte got to wrap up the sculpting in late July at BreyerFest, which is where Brigitte hand delivered the original sculpture to me.  Somewhere during BreyerFest Brigitte and her German friends started to call her Sushi for some reason, I still do not know where that name came from and knowing those crazy Germans maybe I don't want to know (lol!  kidding to all my German friends).  So following the madness of BFest Sushi was shipped off to MVS/Will and Sheri Rhodes to be cast and released in urethane resin as I have done in the past.  The first resin bodies started to arrive at my place in late August, begging for new clothes and indivdual identities.

Her edition is limited to 68 pieces - 60 for myself and 8 are retained by Brigitte as her "artist proofs" ("sculptor proofs" if you like).  Of my 60 pieces I have sent 15 out as "guest artist" pieces and the remaining 45 are to be painted/finished by myself.  This is very similiar to my first Eberl exclusive sculpture "Valentino" who most of you already know.  What some of you may not know is that I can share with you who the guest artists are.  The guest artists are (in no particular order):  Carol Williams, Carol Huddleston, Jennifer Kroll, Jennifer Irwin Scott and Lisa Rivera Shepard. 

In fact, I can tell you what color each artist is doing for me even!  But do remember, things do tend to change and this list is not definite by any means, but is a tasty teaser none-the-less.  The 5 (yes, you read that correctly) guest artist pieces to be finished by Carol Williams are:
medium dark chestnut sabino, dark dappled mahogany bay, dappled palomino partbred(haired!), light dapple grey with fleabites,  and lastly dappled buckskin overo partbred.  Carol Huddleston will provide me with a lightly dappled, dark bay sabino/rabicano.  Jennifer Kroll will delight us with her famous lightly dappled fleabitten grey that is HAIRED.  Jennifer Irwin Scott is looking at a dark, generously dappled sandy/golden bay and my friend Lisa Rivera Shepard is gonna produce her infamous classic champagne partbred coloring.  You can see there is going to be alot of colorful Sushi's being created and I am so excited about the two haired versions as well!    I should mention here that nothing has been decided about the fate of the above resins, they may be offered for sale or they may be kept in my small,  private collection.  Carol Huddleston, Jen Kroll, Jen Scott and Lisa Shepard will each have one copy of their own to finish in their choice of color and market any way they like.  If you are interested in a Sushi created by them, contact them individually to find out their plans. There is a lovely dappled rosegrey Sushi being completed by Caroline Boydston as well, I am so excited about her as I adore Caroline and her artwork. 

Since the Sushirama I have been getting some of the sold Sushi's shipped to their new homes.  I have never sold so many horses abroad, Sushi is an International sensation it would seem.  She has new homes in New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Australia (3 times I think), Japan and of course good ol' USA.  I've got a couple post Sushirama's completed, like this funky lightly dappled bay roan tobiano for Carrie Sapp out West

Sushi #14 Bay roan tobiano o/b Carrie Sapp

Plus this lightly dappled medium "Crabbet" chestnut sabino for Ann Bilon of Ohio.  This lass was debuted last weekend at the Ohio Congress Model Horse show, where she swept away with the Reserve Championship in Resin Light Breed division, congratulations Annie!  I am sure you'll be seeing a Sushi or two at the live shows near you soon.  Personally, I just can't wait to see her wearing tack!
Sushi #16 "Crabbet" chestnut o/b Ann Bilon

So there you have it, more information on Sushi than you ever imagined knowing.  I am sure there will be more posting about her in the months to come.  Not to mention even some discussion about the next Eberl exclusive sculpture I have commissioned with Brigitte!  But you'll have to check back here often if you want to learn more about that.  So until next time ... be kind, believe and live large! 

PS - Brigitte retains the copyright on her sculptures and the option to reproduce any sculpture, including Sushi and Valentino in any other medium -- such as bronze or china.  Yes, wouldn't a Sushi or Valentino look handsome in bone china?    You think so?  please write her at:  and tell her. 

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