Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If I could turn back time ...

No ... don't worry I am not about to break out into a Cher moment here. Altho I could for the right amount of money! "Halfbreed" would be my choice of song, I look so darn good in a skimpy loin cloth and eagle feathers! Enough sillyness, onto real business.

Several people replied to yesterday's posting and expressed interest in seeing some of my "vintage" works de' arte, so today I am granting their wish. Incidentally the scanner was working yesterday, just my brain wasn't. It only took a few hours for me to remember to go into "my computer" to engage the scanner, duh Tom! So I got one photo scanned, it's about 30 years old but the chuckles it will gather are timeless. Jeepers, time does fly bye, doesn't it?

This is my very first dapple grey ever! I would date it around circa 1980. It is the Breyer Terrang (Always liked that mold) painted in oils into this uber detailed and phenomenal dapple grey you see before you. Please direct your attention to the life like dappling, soft shadingand overall realism. Yeppers, this is some fine work here folks! In fact I think my normally supportive Mom looked at it and had to force some kind of positive comment. After this lousy first attempt who would have ever imagined the future greatness, fame and fortune this craft would make me? (you do note the sarcasm here I hope) Fast forward to September 2010.

My first dappled grey - circa 1980.

Here is one of my most recent dapple greys. Really, can't you see all the similiarities? I mean basically the same, just a wee bit more finesse now-a-days.

Dappled grey - 30 years later.
I figure that I have painted well over 1,500+ model horses and there are many more to come. Hopefully my work will continue to evolve and improve, altho that never happens fast enough for my taste. Please Lord, let me paint a dapple grey that doesn't appear blue or purple. See, even this ol' dog can improve. Practice makes perfect, that is what they say, and with this crafting it certainly does help.

I tend to call myself a "crafter" more than "artist". What I do is a craft that I have been working on for 30+ years. Professionally for 15 years! With any luck there will be another 30 years in here somewhere and maybe even a few more greys, all descendants from that first Terrang.

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